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    E-Mail : exporting@hebifeihe.com

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    • Rubber Chemical Resistant Boots With Green Color

    HEBI FEIHE Rubber Chemical Resistant Boots With Green Color

    Product Usage :
    work places where there are acidic-basic materials and other chemicals

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    Brand: FEIHE Name: rubber chemical resistant boots Color: atrovirens and coffee
    Product standard: GB20266-2006 Main material: natural rubber and puriried cotton lining Main functions: abrasion-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, and grease-proof
    Package: 1 pair/bag, 10 pairs/box
    Application field: work places where there are acidic-basic materials and other chemicals

    • △FEIHE rubber chemical resistant boots
      Note: according to the national standard, the testing boot should be competely immersed for 72 hours in the solution which is filled with 6.0 mol/L hydrochloric acid, 3.7 mol/L sulfuric acid, and 6.1 mol/L sodium hydroxide solution. After the test, the change rate of weight is not more than 2%, and the change rate of tensile strength is not more than 15%.

    • △ Front

    • △ Bevel Side

    • △ Side

    • △ Back

    • △ Bottom

    • △toe cap
      three-dimensional design more wearable longer life span
    • △Brand name
      FEIHE rubber chemical resistant boots

    • △ Skid-proof heel
      Skid-proof rubber moulded sole more skid-proof and comfortable
    • △appearance
      multi-layer design
      fashion atrovirens and coffee
      different from the black rubber boots

    • △outsole
      abrasion-proof rubber thick outsole
      water-proof, skid-proof, and safer


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